The economics of the Kingdom of God

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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B: Nov. 8, 2015
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How can this man give us his flesh to eat?

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20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B: August 16, 2015
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Domingo de Ramos: ¿Es el Amor amado?

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Domingo de Ramos, Año B: 1 Abril 2012

En la Procesión con Ramos
Jn 12,12-16

Así empezamos la Semana Santa como siempre: en procesión gozosa con ramos. Porque así empezó la primera Semana Santa hace tantos siglos: con mantos y ramas en el camino, y ramas arriba, ¡para dar la bienvenida al rey!

¡El rey, el Hijo del gran Rey David, el Mesías! ¡Había llegado en su capital Jerusalén—y ahora todo cambiaría! ¡Qué alegría! ¡Qué esperanza! “¡Hosanna!”

El muchedumbre dio la bienvenida a un rey, y toda la ciudad se conmovió y decían, “¿Quién es éste?” (Mt 21, 10) Y convino que preguntaban. Quizá unos notaron que este rey no montaba a un caballo de guerra, para conquistar por la violencia; sino a un burrito, porque quiso ganar nuestros corazones. (more…)

In the heart of the Trinity

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9th in a series of short homilies on the Mass

In my last homily in this series, we saw that, in the Mass, we join with all the saints and angels in heaven, and lead all humanity and all creation back to the Father. All of heaven and earth united: what a place to be! And yet, the Mass takes us somewhere even deeper than that.

For our Lord Jesus Christ saves us by bringing us into himself: uniting us with him, joining us to him, making us like him. This is why St. Paul so often speaks of being “in Christ”; this is why he wrote, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” (Gal 2:20) And so, in the Mass, he brings us to the deepest place possible: to the heart of the Trinity. (more…)

Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice

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7th in a series of short homilies on the Mass

We have seen, in this series of homilies, that our Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal high priest, who offered himself as the one perfect sacrifice to the Father. And he instituted the Eucharist to make himself truly present to us in his sacrifice: the same Christ who offered himself once in a bloody manner on the altar of the cross contained and offered in an unbloody manner in this divine sacrifice which is celebrated in the Mass (Council of Trent, cited in CCC 1367). In this way, we are able to offer to the Father a gift, a sacrifice, that far surpasses any other sacrifice we could ever offer—a gift infinitely pleasing to him.

But that’s not all. It is not only Christ that we offer in the Mass; it is also ourselves, his faithful. (more…)