Jesús y el ciego de nacimiento

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IV Domingo de Cuaresma, Año A: 30 Marzo 2014
1 Sm 16, 1.6-7.10-13; Sal 22; Ef 5, 8-14; Jn 9, 1-41 (more…)

Jesus and the man born blind

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4th Sunday of Lent, Year A: March 30, 2014
1 Sam 16:1, 6-7, 10-13; Ps 23; Eph 5:8-14; John 9:1-41 (more…)

A faith that can weather the storms

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20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: August 14, 2011
Isa 56:1, 6-7; Ps 67; Rom 11:13-15, 29-32; Matt 15:21-28

When you pray, do you ever get met by—silence? No answer comes to your question; no response to your petition. And it’s not that God isn’t answering anyone; in fact, maybe you see others around you being answered. But not you. Why not? Maybe you begin to feel that God just doesn’t like you very much; that he likes other people much better than you!

If you have ever experienced that, then today’s Gospel passage can speak to you. Because that might be how the Canaanite woman felt when she asked Jesus to heal her daughter; and in response he rebuffed her three times! (more…)

Political Community

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Faith Seeks Understanding: The Church’s Social Teaching, 5 of 6

Father Dan continues a series of classes on the Church’s Social Teaching by exploring what is legitimate authority, punishment, and resistance; what our community is really about; church and state; and democracy.