Jesús y la resurrección de Lázaro

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V Domingo de Cuaresma, Año A: 6 Abril 2014
Ez 37, 12-14; Sal 129; Rom 8, 8-11; Jn 11, 1-45 (more…)

Jesus and the raising of Lazarus

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5th Sunday of Lent, Year A: April 6, 2014
Ezek 37:12-14; Ps 130; Rom 8:8-11; John 11:1-45 (more…)

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Lázaro, el Hijo Pródigo, y usted

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XXVI Domingo Ordinario, Año C: 29 Septiembre 2013
Am 6, 1.4-7; Sal 145; 1 Tim 6, 11-16; Lc 16, 19-31

Hoy escuchamos de nuestro Señor Jesús, la parábola del hombre rico y Lázaro. Y hay algunos puntos en los cuales esta parábola se parece a una que oímos hace dos semanas. ¿Le dio cuenta de que Lázaro, yaciendo a la entrada de la casa del hombre rico, ansiaba llenarse con las sobras que caían de la mesa del rico? Oímos esas mismas palabras acerca del Hijo Pródigo: que, después de que había gastado toda su herencia, y cayó en desgracia y tuvo que tomar un trabajo de alimentación de los cerdos, ansiaba llenarse de las bellotas que comían los cerdos. (Lc 15, 16) ¿Y se acuerda de la celebración que pasó en esa parábola, y cómo el padre hablaba de cómo había que celebrar? (Lc 15, Esta es la misma palabra que describe lo que hacía el hombre rico de la parábola todos los días. (more…)

Lazarus, the Prodigal Son, and you

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26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: Sept. 29, 2013
Amos 6:1, 4-7; Ps 146; 1 Tim 6:11-16; Luke 16:19-31

Today we hear from our Lord Jesus the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. And there are some points in which this parable resembles one that we heard a couple weeks ago. Did you notice that Lazarus, lying at the rich man’s door, longed to eat his fill of the scraps that fell from the rich man’s table? We heard that same language about the Prodigal Son: who, after he had spent all of his inheritance, and fell on hard times, and had to take a job feeding pigs, longed to eat his fill of the pods on which the swine fed. (Luke 15:16) And do you remember the celebration that happened in that parable, and how the father spoke of how it was necessary to celebrate? (Luke 15:23, 24, 29, 32) This is the same word that describes what the rich man in this parable did every day. (more…)

Lowering the barriers to Life

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5th Sunday of Lent, Year A: March 25, 2012
Ezek 37:12-14; Ps 130; Rom 8:8-11; John 11:1-45

Today is the third of three Sunday Masses in which those who are preparing for baptism at the Easter Vigil have been receiving the “Scrutinies.” And so, by design, the Gospel readings at these three Masses are stories in which our Lord Jesus has three key encounters with different persons. In these encounters, he reveals to them something about who they are—especially what has limited them, weighed them down, held them back; and about their unmet needs. And he reveals something about himself: who he is, what he can do, what he wants to do for them and for us. And so our Lord Jesus himself, though his Gospel, scrutinizes the hearts of these elect preparing for baptism; and, indeed, the hearts of each of us. (more…)

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The Shroud of Turin and the power of Christ’s resurrection in your life

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Easter Sunday: April 24, 2011
Acts 10:34, 37-43; Ps 118; 1 Cor 5:6-8; John 20:1-9

Happy Easter, everyone! Christ is risen! He is truly risen! Alleluia!

As we heard in our Gospel reading, St. Mary Magdalene arrived at his tomb that first Easter Sunday morning to find the stone rolled away and the tomb empty. For Christ was not there: he had been raised!

But I wonder: What happened inside that tomb? Christ was raised from the dead; but what would a camera inside the tomb have recorded? What would scientific instruments have detected? (more…)

The raising of Lazarus and the problem of evil

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5th Sunday of Lent, Year A: April 10, 2011
Ezek 37:12-14; Ps 130; Rom 8:8-11; John 11:1-45

“Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

This cry, which we hear from the lips of both Martha and Mary, is in essence the same cry that we hear from so many in our world—and even from ourselves. “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

Cried out when a loved one dies: especially a child; a baby; an adult who is still too young. When a freak accident takes away something forever. When a job is lost: suddenly, unfairly, that you needed. (more…)

A beautiful history of helping the Lazarus at our door

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26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: Sept. 25-26, 2010
Amos 6:1, 4-7; Ps 146:7-10; 1 Tim 6:11-16; Luke 16:19-31

We have just heard, in the Gospel reading, Jesus’ parable of Lazarus and the rich man. And, just a few years ago, there was a man living in downtown DC who was sort of like the figure of Lazarus in that parable. His name was Anthony—Anthony Cosby. Anthony had grown up in Richmond; and then after high school he went into the Navy, and he served in the Navy for 6 years. And then, after leaving the Navy, he got a part-time job. Well, actually, he got two or three part-time jobs; none of them paid very much. And, as he went on, he couldn’t make ends meet; to the extent that he ended up losing his housing. (more…)

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La importancia de evitar las redes de la riqueza

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XXVI Domingo Ordinario, Año C: 26 Septiembre 2010
Amós 6, 1.4-7; Sal 145; 1 Tim 6, 11-16; Luc 16,19-31

La parábola que oímos hoy en la lectura del Evangelio es dirigida a los ricos. Recuerdan que, en la semana pasada, oímos la parábola del mal administrador. Y después de contar esa parábola, Jesús añadió en su explicación: “No pueden ustedes servir a Dios y al dinero.” Y entonces, en el versículo siguiente, leemos que: Al oír estas cosas, los fariseos, que son amantes del dinero, se burlaban de Jesús. Aunque los fariseos quisieron ser justos, eran ciegos en unas áreas morales, y así muchas veces se opusieron a nuestro Señor Jesús: inclusive en este tema de cómo es el uso justo del dinero.

Y Jesús respondió por contarles esta parábola de Lázaro y del hombre rico; (more…)

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