God charges you with the mission of a lifetime

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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: July 24, 2011
1 Kg 3:5, 7-12; Ps 119; Rom 8:28-30; Matt 13:44-52

Young Solomon was nervous. His father, the great King David, had just died after a 40-year reign; and now Solomon had been chosen to succeed him as king, at the young age of—well, Scripture doesn’t specify, but the age 18 or his 20s is a pretty good guess. And now he was faced with, not just surviving palace intrigues to overthrow him; but also the weight and responsibility of governing a vast people justly and well. How would he ever be up to the task?

And, although this moment in Solomon’s life happened some 3000 years ago, we know what it was like, don’t we? For every one of us has faced such moments, perhaps many times. (more…)

Faith enough to take the next step with Christ

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2nd Sunday of Lent, Year A: March 20, 2011
Gen 12:1-4; Ps 33; 2 Tim 1:8-10; Matt 17:1-9

In different ways, we hear today about the theme of making a journey: about being called to begin a journey, and about continuing on it. And this relates to our own journey: having been called by Christ and walking with him through life, something we focus upon especially during Lent.

In our first reading, Abraham is about to begin a journey. He knows what he is leaving behind—his country, his relatives, his father’s house—but he doesn’t know where he is going. (more…)