En el yugo de Jesús, libertad y alivio verdadero

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XIV Domingo Ordinario, Año C: 6 Julio 2014
Za 9, 9-10; Sal 144; Rom 8, 9.11-13; Mt 11, 25-30 (more…)

In Jesus’ yoke, true freedom and rest

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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: July 6, 2014
Zech 9:9-10; Ps 145; Rom 8:9, 11-13; Matt 11:25-30 (more…)

Do not pass me by

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16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: July 21, 2013
Gen 18:1-10; Ps 15; Col 1:24-28; Luke 10:38-42

The scene in our first reading is memorable. Abraham and his household are camped near Hebron, some 20 miles to the south of present-day Jerusalem in the Holy Land. It was a hot day, and perhaps Abraham was dozing as he sat in the entrance of his tent during the heat of the day. Then, suddenly, he looked up and saw three men. He sprang into action. Offering hospitality was an incredibly important duty in his culture—far more so than in ours—and he hurried to do so—he ran to greet them. And he begged them: Please do not pass your servant by. (more…)

Para recibir los dones que Dios nos envía, primero debemos sacar las piedras y las espinas

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XV Domingo Ordinario, Año A: 10 Julio 2011
Isa 55, 10-11; Sal 64; Rom 8, 18-23; Mat 13, 1-23

Oímos en las lecturas del hoy que la palabra de Dios es enviado. Es enviado de un lugar a otro: de un lugar muy alto—las nubes del cielo o la mano del sembrador—a otro lugar más bajo, el terreno. Es enviado a los pueblos y a las personas individuales. Y es enviado con una misión para cumplir.

Muchos de Uds. conocen bien lo que es ser enviado con una misión, ¿no?

La palabra es enviado a nosotros mismos. Y no es enviado primeramente para sacar algo de nosotros, sino para darnos algo—para darnos la gracia de Dios—que necesitamos profundamente. ¿Qué nos da? (more…)

To receive the amazing gifts of God, first clear away the rocks and weeds

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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: July 9-10, 2011
Isa 55:10-11; Ps 65; Rom 8:18-23; Matt 13:1-23

How amazing is the Word of God! How wonderful the grace of God, which enters into our lives as we hear his word and receive it and understand it and are converted, so that he may heal us.

  • It brings us life—a supernatural life that it contains within itself, as within a seed that enters into lifeless ground, and there springs up and transforms it.
  • It brings nourishment, like the rain and snow that enter into thirsty dry ground—filling it with the water that it desperately needs, and changing it; breaking up its clods, softening it, drenching it.
  • And it brings fruit—fruit that is beautiful and rich and fragrant; fruit that is pleasing to the Lord and nourishing to others who behold it. (more…)