The bucket list and the narrow gate

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21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: Aug. 25, 2013
Isa 66:18-21; Ps 117; Heb 12:5-7, 11-13; Luke 13:22-30

Do you have a bucket list? You know: one of those lists of things that you want to before you die, before you “kick the bucket.” I’ve heard that phrase fairly often since the movie of that same title came out several years ago. And usually the actions on those lists are things that are fun and exciting.

But let me ask you another question: Do you believe in heaven? Do you intend to go to heaven? And if you do, then why have a bucket list?

Is it because you think that heaven is boring, and this earthly life is so much more exciting? (more…)

Rejoice! Jesus is coming soon!

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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B: Nov. 18, 2012
Dan 12:1-3; Ps 16; Heb 10:11-14, 18; Mark 13:24-32

At this time of year, the days are getting darker, the weather is getting colder; and our liturgical year is coming to its end. Today is the second-last Sunday of the liturgical year, and the last one in which we will hear from the Gospel according to Mark in this Year B of the lectionary cycle. And today we hear a portion of Chapter 13 of that Gospel, in which Jesus is telling his disciples what to expect in the future—so that this chapter is sometimes known as the “Little Apocalypse.”

And we notice that he cautions them: “Of that day or hour, no one knows.” (more…)

In the light of the Resurrection, what’s on your “bucket list”?

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5th Sunday of Easter, Year C: May 2, 2010
Acts 14:21-27; Ps 145:8-13; Rev 21:1-5; John 13:31-35

Each year on Easter Sunday we rejoice in the truth that our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. And then the Church gives us an entire Easter Season, lasting 50 days: to continue rejoicing in his resurrection; to understand what his resurrection is; to understand the life that he opens for us, now and in the future; and to apply this to how we live our lives now; that is, to allow ourselves to be transformed by Christ’s resurrection. And certainly one Sunday is not enough for all of that!

So, have we gotten the message? Do we understand the life he has opened for us? When we hear in the second reading, “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. The former heaven and the former earth had passed away,” do we understand what it means? Do we understand what it has to do with Christ’s resurrection? Do we understand what it has to do with us? (more…)

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