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From the July 20-21, 2013, bulletin of St. Martin of Tours parish, Gaithersburg, Md.

Many in our society today are careful about the food that they eat and provide to their family—seeking to ensure that it is free from hormones, chemicals, pesticides, or other substances that might harm their bodies or their loved ones.  Yet how many of these same careful people use or approve of contraceptive methods that fill a woman’s body with hormones or chemicals—quite unaware that there is a method of family planning that does not require pills, patches, implants, or injections, but instead is as all-natural as the food they eat?

This week, July 21-27, is National Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week.  It offers us all the chance to learn more about this way of planning a family—of achieving pregnancy, postponing pregnancy, or spacing births—using methods that are science-based, accurate, healthy, reliable, moral, and completely natural.  Rather than suppressing a woman’s body, NFP enables a couple to know her body better and to respond freely.  It strengthens marriages as it fosters love and communication—without harming children, the environment, or her body.

You can read more about NFP online from the U.S. bishops at  And I encourage you to take a course in NFP to learn, hands on, how it can benefit your marriage and the marriages of those around you.  You will find a number of local options at (Archdiocese of Washington), (Gaithersburg Fertility Care), and (Couple to Couple League).


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