Awaiting Christ’s Second Coming with excitement

(An experiment with the audio recorder didn’t work, so there is no mp3 file of this homily.)
2nd Sunday of Advent, Year B: Dec. 4, 2011
Isa 40:1-5, 9-11; Ps 85; 2 Pet 3:8-14; Mark 1:1-8

Last year I realized something about this Advent season. That word “Advent” of course translates the Latin Adventus; and what I realized, and discovered was true, is that Adventus translates the Greek Parousia. Most of you are saying, so what? But any of you who are sort of Scripture nerds like me know that that word Parousia lights up the sky. For that is the word used in the original language of the New Testament to speak of Christ’s Second Coming.

And this filled the apostles with excitement and anticipation as they proclaimed the good news about Jesus Christ. (more…)